The Overground is fast becoming my new favourite way to get around.

Sometimes you get on and there’ll be loads of dogs, other times you’ll be kept happy by the nice views of London, and occasionally you might even see the odd marriage proposal.

And other times you get on the Overground and see someone on their way to play hockey on a UNICYCLE.

Yeah. You heard.


Unicycle hockey player at Whitechapel

Does this count as stalking?

The unicycle / hockey stick combo made me a bit curious, because while unicyclists are kind of par for the course around London these days – sort of –  you don’t often see them on the tube, and the idea of riding one while wielding a large stick seemed like the last word in multitasking.

And I’m not going to lie, I was impressed.

Then this bloke was joined by another one, and I realised hockeying on a unicycle was in no way a solo pursuit.

So when I got home I Googled it, and apparently this is a real thing. There’s a league and everything (they shorten it to LUNIs. The website did not confirm whether this was a play on the word “looneys”, but I suspect it played a part).


Unicycle. Hockey stick. Banana skin.

This recent discovery is not only symbolic of the weird, wonderful and casually out-of-the-ordinary stuff that goes on in London on a day-to-day basis…

…but it also means that the next time you feel pleased with yourself for getting down the gym, or doing a particularly impressive downwards dog in yoga, you’ll probably think:

Somewhere in Hackney tonight, there are people riding unicycles and playing hockey at the same time.

Mind = blown.


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