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What’s it all about?

There are loads of London blogs where you can read about the latest bars, clubs, exhibitions and events, and lots of websites with page after page of “what’s on” listings – but this isn’t one of them.

This blog is about being a seasoned, local Londoner. It’s the day-to-day. It’s the daily commute where you barely register the famous landmarks you pass on your way to work. It’s the funny characters who brighten up the journeys around our local areas, and social lives that take place far away from the bright lights of Leicester Square.

It’s tutting at tourists, nipping to your local, squishing into packed spaces, knowing where to sit on the bus, abiding by tube etiquette and regaling people with a story about that bloke who threw up on the Piccadilly line last night. And the occasional dog.

If that sounds familiar, click “Home” and get reading. We’d probably get on. This blog will be updated at least once a week. If it’s not, you can heckle me on Twitter or Facebook, harass me on e-mail.

Better yet, subscribe so that when I do post, you’re the first to know.

Who’s She?

I’m Jo Harris-Cooksley. I live in East London, work in the West End and come from the suburbs of North West. I’m a writer, and have been blogging since 2006. I love independent cinema, eating in interesting places, drinking in the same places, and loose-leaf tea. I spend far too much on rent, and seeing a dog on the tube will pretty much make my day.


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  1. Notalondoner

    I really like this blog! Can I link it from mine?
    Thanks and look forward to following you!

    • sheloveslondon

      Hi Rosie, of course, link away. I’ll take a gander at your blog too – always good to add new ones to el Blogrollo. Thaaanks :) 

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    Hi there, hope you’re well, just to say I love your beautiful, really well-written London blog! I write one too, but it mainly recommends weird and wonderful stuff to do in London -have a little look if you like! It’s and let me know what you think :) also if you can recommend anything you’d suggest I review/add to it, that’d be lavley of you too! Thanks!! :)

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