As snow falls in March, it’s easy to feel a little downbeat about the city you live in – and those of us living in London are no exception.

But when you stop and look around, or do a search on Twitter, it’s clear there are many, many reasons why 8,174,100 people are proud to call this vast metropolis their home.

So I’ve compiled 13 touching snapshots of this sprawling, multi-faceted place to help us remind ourselves just why London is the best city you could possibly live in, out of ALL of them.



1. London offers a warm welcome to all its international visitors


2. London is a hotbed of romantic intrigue 


3. London takes pride in its appearance


4. London has a robust and reliable public transport system


5. London is a haven for urban nature and wildlife lovers


6. London has a rich selection of inspiring public exhibitions


7. London has an inclusive attitude towards all creeds and cultures


8. London is alive with ambition and entrepreneurial spirit


9. London is intent on providing affordable housing for all


10. London’s balmy spring weather allows for an outdoorsy culture


11. London holds manners and social etiquette in high regard


12. London’s sights and sounds will keep the whole family happy


13. London is so good, a lot of people find it very difficult to leave


So you see it may be snowing in March, but it could be worse.

You could live in a place where the sun always shines, but nothing interesting ever happens.

And if all else fails, we can always laugh at Dalston.

If anything has made you like London lately, or flown into your face on the street, give it a cuddle and let me know.


  1. Not really sure how, but an evening of reading brought across your blog and I found it quite interesting and humourous. This post in particular just cracked me up. Thoroughly enjoying reading.

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